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Welcome to The Association for the Termination of Female Genital Mutilation (ATFGM)

The Association for the Termination of Female Genital Mutilation (ATFGM) was established as an answer to the demand of some parents of the Kurya Community who did not want their daughters to be mutilated, and to some girls who also asked for protection to The Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul in Tanzania, as they did not want to undergo the forced Female Genital Mutilation. The Catholic Bishop of Diocese of Musoma,during his pastoral visitation at Rogoro parish in 2008, preached publicly against all forms of discrimination in Kurya society especially Female Genital Mutilation and child marriage, which affect development of girls and women.He asked the Daughters of Charity working at Masanga - Tarime and the members of the community to form an organization that will help to educate the community, in order to promote respect of human dignity and human rights; so as to join hands with the government to bring positive changes. Therefore, ATFGM as Non–Governmental Organization works under the Sisters of Daughters of Charity, Tanzania.


The organization is registered as a Non-Governmental Organization through the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania ACT 2002 with Registration NO: 00NGO/00008052.The Headquarter is based in Masanga, Tarime, Mara North, Tanzania in the“Kurya Cultural Centre”, but it may establish branch offices in other parts within Tanzania.The organization will operate nationally in all regions of Tanzania, but initially it has been operating in Mara region and in Loliondo Division Arusha Region and at the border to Kenya. The organizationoperates as a humanitarian non-profit, non-governmental organization and will not be involved in any political activities

Our Vision Mission & Strategy


“The organization’s vision is to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation.”









“The Association for Termination of Female Genital Mutilation’s Mission is to promote and to protect the quality of life, the rights and dignity of girls and women, and to insure their freedom from all coercion.”






Core values

  • Commitment: All TFGM members are expected to show a spirit of commitment, effectiveness and availability.
    Respect: The potential and dignity of everyhuman being (adult or child, especially the girl-child) shall be respected.

    Transparency: Leaders and members shall observe transparency in matters that involve the use of theorganization’s resources by providing all stakeholders with physical and financial implementation reports.



  • From 2008 to 2015 ATFGM Masanga has held seven rescue camps.Girls have attended the formation and protection Centre as follows:

  • chats
  • Collaborating with more people and organizations has helped us to serve and protect many more girls in 2015 and has enriched our experience.
    Human body, Woundedness and Psychological counselling, emotional and psychological during puberty, Personal hygiene, Human Rights and Right of a Girl Child, Alternative rite of passage, Social relationship, sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), cleanness, Survival skills HIV/AIDS Awareness, Gender Equality, Culture and myths in our lives, Outstanding for yourself and for others.



Strategic Objectives:

To abolish Female Genital Mutilation/Gender based violence act.
a To carry out research on the origin of Female Genital Mutilation and gender based violence to study its impacts on society and to work for the solutions to these problems.
f To promote respect for human dignity and equality of all human beings.
g To empower the Kurya society to accept positive changes that will enhance their development.
m To prepare good leaders who stand for justice, truth, accountability, transparency and gender equality.
m To form smaller ATFGM groups in various parts of Tanzania for achieving the objectives above.

Asante kwa kutambua utu na thamani yangu kama binti na kunisaidia. - Bhoke Chacha Marwai  Rorya, Tarime, Mara
Nimepata shida kubwa kubwa kuwaelimisha wazazi wangu kuhusu TOHARA KWA WATOTO WA KIKE... ASANTENI KWA MCHANGO WENU. - Ghati Mlyachoka    , Tarime, Mara
Shukrani za dhati ziwaendeeni kwa msaada wenu. - Mama Masolwa    Tarime, Mara.