Other Services

Community cinema, video sessions on child marriage, FGM and GBV

Awareness on the bad effects of FGM, child marriage and other forms of gender based violence is reached to community members through community cinema and video session. Through community cinema and video session a big number of people are reached because most of them like cinema and video session. However the type of  videos shown impress many people that is why many people attend to it. Children and community members enjoy much the session, they gave some opinions that if we want the community to act positively on the bad effects of FGM and child marriage it is better that we use cinema and video shows which show directly how FGM is practiced.

Organizing school bonanza to children in schools

Children need to be aware on the bad effects of FGM and child marriage, this awareness is reached to them through school Bonanza, whereby children prepare songs and drama which are ant-FGM and child marriage, the community members also participate to see how children are crying against all forms of GBV; through school Bonanza Children share experience from each other, also organize together how to fight FGM in their community by giving information of any sign of FGM and other forms of GBV.

Organization of rescue/alternative rites of passage for girls and young women at risk of FGM/CM

From 2008 ATFGM has been organizing an ARP to girls who are forced to undergo FGM, in collaboration with the government especially the DSWO and other stakeholders TdH NL, UNFPA and Kindermissionswerk ATFGM has rescued 3005 girls who were to be mutilated from 2008 to 2018.  In this year 2019 we have already received 4 girls who have escaped FGM. During the ARP children are taught issues of SRHR, effects of FGM and CM, sports and games, tuition according to the national syllabus and psychosocial support. 

Meeting with religious leaders and influential men in the community

ATFGM has been conducting meeting with religious leaders to discuss their roles concerning FGM and child marriage. We know that religious leaders are so influential person at their respective areas therefore if they will preach the effects of FGM at their church then it is easy for the people to listen and act accordingly.

In the meeting with the religious leaders we have agreed that FGM and child marriage will be among their agenda in their church. Also they should preach that boys should go for safe circumcision in hospital at the age of 8 days as it has been written in the bible.

Provision of educational support to child victims of CM and FGM

  • Girls who reject to be cut are rejected by their parents, and they are not given any support, even those boys who refuses to be circumcised traditionally are also considered as not men hence some of the social services from the community are not given, therefore ATFGM in partnership with Terre Des Hommes Netherlands are support these children academically. In the year 2019 a total number of 300 have been supported. 100 in primary school, 100 in secondary school and 100 in vocational training.

Training of in entrepreneurship skills

ATFGM conducted survey on the prevalence of FGM among the Kurya communities, it noticed that among the main issues which cause FGM is money. Traditional leaders and circumcisers use FGM as an Income generating activity. Therefore ATFGM is trying to empower these traditional leaders and mutilators through entrepreneurship skills training.