Psychosocial support

Provision of counselling to children in the community and in children clubs

Children are the most affected by FGM and child marriage, this is because their parents are the last decision makers, they force the girls to be mutilated and then be married. Therefore most of the girls are affected psychologically so they need to be counseled in order to normal. Girls who refuses to be cut are not accepted by the community, at the same time when a girl is cut then she is considered a woman to be married, this cause child marriage and early pregnant. Identification of children who are vulnerable to FGM is very difficult because those child faced with GBV do not say they remain silent because of afraiding to be revenged at the end of the day. 

Secret and privacy is so important in this activity, currently ATFGM staff are accepted by the community especially girls and women who are the most affected by GBV because when they tell anything to ATFGM Staff it remains a secret so we are so trusted by the community. Due to this community members are now free to report events of FGM and child marriage because they believe that nobody will know that they reported cases to us.